Workday’s value grows every day, thanks to the rapid pace of cloud innovation.

CPSG’s Workday Optimization Services ensure that our clients continue to generate the maximum value from their Workday investments long after initial deployment.

We tailor this program to deliver enhanced Workday value through our proprietary technology in one brief engagement. You get:

  • Visibility into Workday and how it functions in your business environment
  • Identification of — and detailed solutions for — potential areas of improvement within a business process framework
  • The power of proprietary reports, metrics, and configurable KPIs alongside Workday’s Insight Reports to reveal common gaps and flag opportunities for new capabilities
  • Visibility to benchmark your current Workday approach with industry best practices
  • The benefit of CPSG’s baseline architecture, life-cycle methodology, and operational guide
  • A set of delivered actionable tasks, as well as estimates on their feasibility and ROI
  • Assurance that your Workday projects are on track to achieve technical and business objectives