We know that introducing your company to new software is a difficult undertaking because the implementation must satisfy a number of competing demands.

Adoption must solve problems both deep and broad, in a way that is meaningful and fast. How is this possible? This challenge can only be met with a well-practiced, successfully executed change management program.

Our change management consultants deliver a customized approach that will drive your people to embrace their new technology. We also help your change agents see and understand organizational behaviors most likely to lead to increased employee satisfaction and productivity. With more than 100 successful deployments under our belts, we know how to think like you do, and we leverage that expertise to your advantage.

We address:

  • The transition from the current to the new technology
  • Ways to create organizational learning opportunities centered around the new solution
  • Uncovering your organization’s unique attributes that lead to both change resistance and promotion

We help you strategize for the future by:

  • Assessing organizational readiness
  • Creating internal marketing programs that will include targeted communications and messaging
  • Recommending learning tools and systems
  • Developing a method to monitor progress toward user adoption

Our change management programs help users see the reason for change, build convincing business cases, and provide specific mechanisms to support the transition. CPSG Change Management will effectively integrate your people, processes, and technology.

Find out how we can help your organization change, adapt, and succeed. Contact us today.