You’re hoping to transform your business with the help of an enterprise software initiative that:

  • Represents a huge expense
  • Is an incredibly complex technological undertaking
  • Requires considerable foresight, planning, and input from multiple stakeholders
  • Demands that you find, trust, rely on — and pay good money for — outside expertise
  • Is bound to hit bumps in the road
  • Puts you at risk

CPSG’s process and methodology go far beyond successfully implementing Workday. We ensure a clear and decisive Workday victory with our:

  • Integration Libraries
  • Data Conversion and Validation
  • Project Management
  • Automated Testing

Integrations Library

If you go on a trip to a new destination, it’s a good idea to have a map if you don’t want to get lost. The same is true when you need to integrate your existing legacy systems and vendors into your new Workday environment. You want a team that knows how to get your there. You want people who have traveled the road before, know the territory, and have an accurate and current map to work from. That’s why we created the CPSG Integration Library.

We’ve assembled integration maps that define the best ways to integrate legacy applications into the Workday environment. You benefit from tried-and-true integration assets that have proved effective. You’ll know where you’re going and integrate Workday right the first time.

With our integrations library, we can:

  • Reduce the time and costs associated with learning and understanding requirements. This makes testing Workday configurations faster, easier, and less resource-intensive through all stages of a Workday solution, from initial implementation to live production. By using smart processes, we reduce testing time and effort by up to 50 percent during implementation and up to 80 percent during life in production.
  • Reduce risk with assets that have been repeatedly used, tested, and proved.

Expand Workday’s value by quickly automating data flow among manual systems.

Data Conversion and Validation

Naturally, you’re excited about making the transition to Workday. You correctly assume Workday will have an enormous impact on your business, and that your employees will adapt quickly.

But as with any move, data conversion always requires more work and more boxes of stuff than you first imagined — and they’re always just a little bit heavier than your knees are prepared to lift. Wouldn’t this be easier to have a team of movers experienced in the careful packaging, transporting, and unpacking of your data? That’s what we do. CPSG Data Conversion provides:


In addition to Workday Certifications, every data conversion consultant at CPSG goes through an intensive CPSG Data Conversion Certification program that is written by our most experienced data conversion consultants.

Customized Data Validation Reports

Provided to each customer, these make the data validation process easy to understand and share.

Customized Conversion Checklist

We keep track of the progress of each and every data item, and you can follow along.

Thorough Validations of Your Data

Validations before and after conversion. We do our homework, and we check it twice.

Project Management

The successful deployment of your Workday project demands visibility and accountability, which is exactly what CPSG’s Synchronize service delivers. Synchronize is our cloud-based project-management toolset for collaboration. It can immediately scale to any engagement, provides a centralized home page for all your project’s activities, and gives you one source of truth for all of your project deliverables.

With categorized processes and content — including Workday, CPSG, and industry best practices — Synchronize empowers you to jump-start your project setup. With full transparency and accountability for the entire project, you can easily monitor and manage progress.

Your project continually benefits from:

  • Real-time monitoring by CPSG Delivery Leadership
  • Immediate transparency into all key project deliverables
  • Continued accountability and ownership (by assigning specific resources to specific deliverables)
  • Tracking and monitoring of every aspect of your project, so nothing goes unnoticed

Automated Parallel Testing for Payroll

When payroll works, no one notices. But the moment a paycheck is delayed or an amount is wrong, suddenly your organization’s payroll team is under everyone’s microscope. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to get the implementation of Workday Payroll right the first time. One of the most critical keys to successful implementation is parallel testing: running Workday Payroll and your legacy system for the same time frame and identical population and comparing the results.

It may sound simple, but parallel testing typically involves the analyses, comparison, and validation of thousands of rows of data, and then making changes to re-test. Done manually, the effort can take weeks, be expensive, and leave a lot of room for error.

CPSG has automated payroll parallel testing with the customer experience in mind.

  • The process is user-friendly, simple, clean, and repeatable.
  • You can test many more iterations of data in the same amount of time and with no more effort than you did manually.
  • You’re assured that the data has been effectively analyzed, compared, and validated.

CPSG’s automated parallel testing saves you time and money — and gives you much-needed peace of mind.