CPSG is driven to elevate the strategic value of Workday. Our clients know that. They feel it. They see it in the results we produce for them.

For each Workday customer, we develop a road map for success that considers a client’s unique long-term strategic goals beyond implementation. Our clients and Workday enjoy the transparency we offer into every step, every twist and turn, every development of the implementation process — and post-launch as well.

CPSG clients span industry verticals, workforce size and revenue, and location throughout the United States and Canada. Our clients:

  • Range in size from 1,000 employees to more than 20,000
  • Include industry leaders and innovators
  • Include industries ranging from utilities and retail to high technology, finance, education, and government
  • ascensus

    “Great week and few months – thank you to your team for all your help getting us through a successful Phase 1 Implementation. It has been a great adventure – You have a great team of resources!”

  • Cleco

    “Your consultants provided me with straight forward truthful answers to questions that I had about the status of the project and the capability of the Cleco team to move forward with the project.”

  • Goodwill

    “CPSG has challenged us to think outside of the box while still focusing on maintaining solid working relationships.”

  • Medivation

    “Just spent the last 2 days doing on-site design with your folks. Wanted you to know, they are all excellent. We definitely chose the right implementation partner.”

  • Shutterfly

    “An excellent partner… extremely knowledgeable with the ability to apply knowledge quickly and effectively.”

  • C3

    “Wanted to let you know that the service/support provided by your consultant has been consistently outstanding. He is flexible, patient, and very knowledgable of the product. His dedication and commitments to this project is clear. In sum, he’s a Rockstar!”

  • Nationstar Mortgage

    “I want you to know how much I have enjoyed working with you on this project. You have always been very accessible and I have appreciated your quick turnaround in working with issues!”

  • Zillow

    “Your consultant has been doing great work for us, picking apart the ADP test cases and providing great details back to us. He has been great to work with.”

  • Charter

    “I can’t thank you guys enough! I appreciate how flexible and responsive you were especially considering we moved the conversion dates up quite a bit. You were quick to offer solutions and I learned a lot from each of you!”