CPSG strives to ensure that our clients receive the best time-to-value from their business technology investments.

Our Strategic Alliance with WalkMe™ is a perfect example of how CPSG can help customers get greater time-to-value velocity with any enterprise-class SaaS product.

Early on in our Workday implementations, CPSG recognized the need to get end users comfortable with their new responsibilities using Workday or other applications. We often found that managers unaccustomed to HR responsibilities needed a customized guide for their new products. We wanted to find a way to deliver a “zero footprint” capability — a partner whose product would seamlessly and transparently walk beside a client’s change-management champion. WalkMe™ quickly became CPSG’s technology of choice for speeding up and measuring change management efforts in the cloud, and our Strategic Alliance was formed.

WalkMe™ virtually holds the hand of each end user, walking them through the product step by step in a way no other solution on the market today does. Now WalkMe™ and CPSG have built a library of walk-throughs for Workday customers to support change management, mostly for managers but also for employee self-service.

Rapid Expansion, Automation of Business Processes and Adoption

WalkMe™ increases user productivity while lowering help desk requests, automating business processes, and reducing training time and costs. With CPSG’s expertise, WalkMe™, and Workday, you’re in for a smooth ride.

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