CPSG exposes every step of the process to Workday and its customers, with total transparency and complete honesty.

As a result, we have a keen understanding of what matters to Workday customers across industry verticals and sizes.

Here are several of the most common questions customers have about CPSG, our methodology, and their Workday implementations.

Q: Is it true that because Workday is a growing technology, many of its support people don’t have enough experience? If that’s true, what’s the best option for additional resources?

A: It’s true that customers are adopting Workday now more than ever because of all of the incredible benefits it provides. It’s also true that because of Workday’s industry-leading pace of innovation, customers should pick an implementation partner that has true experience with the technology. That’s CPSG.

  • Our people have the highest number of per-consultant certifications in the Workday ecosystem — an average of three certifications per employee. This illustrates CPSG’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve on innovation while providing our customers with the leadership necessary to benefit from Workday’s innovations.
  • But we go way beyond certifications. Every CPSG person on your team starts their career in a shadowing capacity — a mentorship model — in which they learn from others who are experts. Every person allocated to you is fully prepared for your project.
    • Our Functional Lead members have each completed an average of 10 Workday deployments.
    • Every project manager starts out as a Functional Consultant. At every level of your project team, you can expect performance and expertise to ensure successful delivery.

That’s why CPSG is 100 percent referenceable — because we deliver.

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Q: There are several Workday partners. Why should I choose CPSG?

A: Quality and innovation. From CPSG’s creation, we wanted to build something special: a firm that provided a platform for the brightest minds to develop innovative ways of serving clients.

Our customers tell us every day that the quality difference they feel with CPSG is measurable and makes all the difference when implementing a platform as powerful and robust as Workday. Customers will experience CPSG consultants who want to deliver beyond expectations and push the envelope on what is possible with the use of their technology.

You’ll see this with the CPSG Difference and our Process and Methodology. You can read more about it in the stories our customers share.

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Q: What can go wrong with a Workday deployment? What should I be worried about?

A: Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong with a Workday deployment: lack of preparation, bad data conversion, faulty integrations, inexperienced support people, a lack of support, and many other things that cause a technology project to go off the rails.

To protect your company against these implementation disappointments, inefficiencies, and potential extra costs, you need a partner that is a proven resource for success. CPSG has tailored our methodology and toolset to target the key trouble areas that occur with major technology endeavors. This gives our clients risk mitigation from start to finish. You know we have addressed the common mistakes that are unfortunately made too often. With CPSG, you can expect a decisive Workday victory.

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Q: If I can’t afford to wait until the end of my project to find out whether we’ve hit the mark, how can I stay in the loop?

A: CPSG gives you visibility and accountability into your Workday project with Synchronize, our cloud-based project-management toolset for collaboration. It can immediately scale to any engagement, provides a centralized home page for all of your project’s activities, and gives you one source of truth for all of your project deliverables.

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Q: What can I expect after our Workday system goes live in production?

A: After Workday is live, you can expect CPSG to still be there to support you! Don’t you hate it when something is delivered to you, only to be dropped at your feet with a hearty, “Good luck!” That’s not CPSG.

Our Post-production Services give you dedicated support solutions to ensure that you have everything necessary to maintain quality and a smooth transition all the way through to having a fully deployed system.

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Q: ERP deployments seem to last forever and are rarely successful. How does CPSG avoid that?

A: Of course, the ERP itself is often the problem. Workday is different. CPSG partnered specifically Workday in large part because of its game-changing innovation, especially when it comes to fast and smooth implementations. But we didn’t stop there.

Advanced technology requires advancements in the way it’s delivered. That’s the belief that drove CPSG to develop our methodology for rapid delivery. Our approach lets you measure your Workday deployment in weeks — not months — and be assured that value will be delivered based on our proven track record.

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