In the Words of Your Future CPSG Co-workers

  • “I love the family feeling. I love that I feel a close personal relationship with everyone in the company from the president and CEO to the HR team, integrations, and functional consultants. I feel genuinely cared for.”

  • “We are a company that implements one of the hottest IT cloud technologies, and we have such a great, caring, and supportive environment. We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun here, too. Our CEO truly cares about everyone here, and it shows. This is the best place to work!”

  • “What impresses me most about senior management at CPSG is that they are transparent and always wanting to do the right thing for the employee.”

  • “What I find most meaningful about working at CPSG is that all team members are treated with respect and given responsibility from the very beginning of employment, regardless of their age or experience level. Management makes extreme efforts to know everyone in the company on a personal level, and the culture is one of trust and cooperation.”

  • “The culture at CPSG is awesome, and we have wonderful colleagues. We feel cared for by our superiors, and the family atmosphere makes this an environment I look forward to joining each day. CPSG is generous with materials, compensation, snacks, and social events, allowing us to truly enjoy our time at work and with co-workers.”

  • “CPSG is a home away from home. I love the work environment, with a lot of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.”

  • “I really love working here! I love the people and feel like I’m learning a lot and being given a lot of responsibility. I feel capable, and if I’m unsure about some things, I’m able to ask my co-workers. CPSG isn’t for everyone and their desired career path, though. But for someone who’s qualified and interested in Workday and tech consulting, I would definitely recommend the company as a great place to work! I love the culture of trust, leniency, and respect that CPSG cultivates.”